In addition to comprehensive written feeedback, there is also the opportunity to discuss comments/your revisions, either face-to-face (if you are local), via e-mail, phone, Skype or Zoom, or a combination of these if preferred.

An opportunity to discuss your writing projects more generally and to find a way forward which may lead to some of the mentoring strands below.   This consultation may also be used for completed work for which you don’t need mentoring but do, perhaps, need some guidance about what the next step might be.   The work to be sent in advance might be some sample writing (up to 4,000 words) or a project outline — £50

Up to 6 poems (maximum 40 lines per poem) — £50.

Up to 4,000 words — £50.

FIRST CHAPTER (novel/memoir)
Up to 4,000 words — £50 — send me the first chapter of your work in progress with a synopsis and we’ll discuss ways forward.

Up to 65,000 words — £395 — including up to three one-hour feedback sessions (maximum).   This can be done in instalments of several chapters at a time if the novel is a work in progress.   These three sessions must be taken within a 12-month period, otherwise a re-reading fee of £150 will be charged.

Up to 30 poems — £190 — including a maximum of two one-hour feedback sessions.
Up to 60 poems — £320 — including up to three one-hour feedback sessions (maximum).

Please note mentoring fees are non-refundable.

Once the manuscript has been received I will review it and send it back to you with comprehensive comments as well as minor proofreading corrections.   Further feedback is offered face-to-face (if you are local), via e-mail, phone, Skype or Zoom, or a combination of these if preferred.   For the £50 options a feedback session of up to one hour is included in the fee and the work to be reviewed can be sent electronically.   For all other options a paper copy as well as an electronic copy will be required.


“Mentoring has enhanced my writing — beyond my imagination… I needed someone with patience and understanding and I have found Sue so helpful — when I have thought my poem was finished… Sue asks me to dip deep — sometimes I don’t think I can do it… but I do… and the difference it makes to the poem is amazing.   Sue is incredibly sensitive and flexible in her approach to being a mentor and has been the greatest help to me as a poet… I have had more poems published in the year that I have worked with Sue than ever before… I can’t thank her enough.”
Audrey Ardern-Jones, Poet

“Sue is a wonderful tutor and poetry mentor.   Her style is informal and engaging, and you really feel she is committed to you and your work.   Sue’s face-to-face events are lively and varied with supportive and precise feedback, and the online courses have great resources and guidance.   I can’t recommend her more highly.   I recently took the two top places in the Guernsey Literary Festival Poetry Prize, the 2nd prize was with with a poem written on one of her film and writing courses”
Jane Wilkinson

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