If you have a large project you are working on and would appreciate specific feedback and input, Sue offers one to one Mentoring Sessions.

“Sue’s experience and knowledge shines through in the feedback she gives and has given me the confidence to write things I would never have imagined myself capable of.”
Ghyslaine, King’s Lynn

Sue’s themes were eclectic and different from the subject matter I typically write about which helped me discover new material.   Several of the poems I wrote from her prompts have been published.
Jennifer, San Francisco

“Sue Burge is a wonderfully warm, highly experienced tutor of all kinds of creative writing.   What was so thrilling and rewarding was watching people — some self-avowed non-writers or poets — lose their fear and trepidation and write some amazing pieces.”
Gaynor Clements, Director, Cambridge Writing Retreat

“I’ve attended a number of Sue’s creative writing day workshops and courses.   Sue provides excellent prompts and exercises and is fully conversant with the latest teaching methods and trends in the publishing industry.   As such, she can provide students with bespoke advice on their writing goals.”
Elisabeth Sennitt Clough
Author of “Glass” — Paper Swans Press (2016) and “Sightings” — Pindrop Press (2016)



Craftwork: the world in a grain of sand

Four Tuesdays — 7,14,21,28 November

£85 (includes feedback on four poems)

The poet Gerald Stein encourages us to “read 90%, write 10%”.   In other words, we need to inform our writing practice with our reading practice and this course is designed to do just that.   We’ll explore a different contemporary poet (Natalie Diaz, John Glenday, Tua Forsström and Mark Doty), each week, learning from their technique, experience and imaginations, in order to help us create new work.

Contact Sue for more details and how to book and pay.



Poetry Prompts via e-mail

4,11,18,25 January 2024


Give your writing a short, sharp shock and knock it into shape by enrolling on this Body Combat course! Every Thursday in January you will receive an e-mail full of writing ideas which will focus on a different part of the body each time: head, torso, arms, legs. There will be prompts and sample poems to help you generate new work in response to these themes. By the end of January you will have had a full-body workout!

Contact Sue for more details and how to book and pay.



“During her writing courses, Sue always stimulates our creativity by many means, including visiting places of local interest. Last autumn we visited All Saints’ Church in King’s Lynn, and it was while shuffling through the leaves and looking at the old gravestones, that the idea of “Waiting” started to take shape. Sue encouraged me to send it to Writers’ Forum, I took the leap into the unknown, and to my delight, they published it.”
Rose, Snettisham

“I love coming to Sue’s creative writing class. It’s very relaxed and friendly and after the first week I didn’t mind reading what I’d written to others in the group. We’ve covered prose and different forms of poetry, and as an extra we’ve even done bookmaking with a guest tutor which I really enjoyed!”
Tessa, King’s Lynn

“I‘ve found it fascinating how class discussion and exercises generate both interesting work and other unrelated ideas to pursue individually; how some ideas arrive nearly fully-formed while others need the individual support and feedback from Sue and the rest of the group to bring to a satisfactory conclusion.”
Phil, Blackborough End, Norfolk