I am delighted to announce that my pamphlet, Lumière, is now available from Hedgehog Poetry Press

Alternatively, you can order a signed copy of the pamphlet directly from me for £5.99 plus £1.50 p&p.   Contact Sue to find out how to do this.

Praise for Lumière:
“In her debut pamphlet, Sue Burge has captured the very essence of a Parisian dream.   A residency in Paris allowed Sue the time to immerse herself both in the culture and the history of film centred in the City of Light, a passion for the cinema which she brings to life in Lumière.
Throughout Lumière Sue displays a unique and authentic voice, weaving a rich tapestry of emotions and unveiling an unflinching perspective.   This is a confident and immensely impressive collection with an underlying humanity that richly rewards the reader and leaves you wondering what she will do next.”
Mark Davidson, Hedgehog Poetry Press

“Sue Burge’s Lumière is wonderfully at ease in its own skin in its evocation of Paris and she carries her knowledge of French cinema brilliantly and yet lightly.”
Penelope Shuttle

To read a review of Lumière in the Bangor Literary Journal go to



In the Kingdom of Shadows



I also have a first collection, In the Kingdom of Shadows, with Live Canon Poetry Press.   Copies of the book (£9.99) are available from Live Canon and from Amazon